The main sectors we supply

We focus on supplying four main sectors with products that help meet specific requirements, such as saving time and labour, improving safety, reducing waste and supporting the overall quality of completed projects. We service these four sectors across a wide range of industries such as; Audio Visual, Commercial, Energy, Food Processing, Health and Leisure, Industrial, Petrochemical, Rail, Retail, Water Treatment and many more.

Electrical Trade

We deliver the containment, support and fixing solutions required for the simple and efficient installation of vast networks of electrical cables that are needed to provide power and lighting to industry standards. Featured Electrical Products: Cable Basket, Cable Ladder, Cable Ties, Cable Tray, Conduit and Conduit Boxes, Intumescent Pads, Socket Boxes, Telescoping Electrical Box Supports, Terminal Fixings, Trunking and Wire Suspension System.

Ductwork Trade

We stock a larger range of the products commonly used in Ductwork Stores than most other suppliers. We provide products for both the manufacture and installation of ductwork solutions for effective ventilation. Featured Ductwork Products: Barafoam, Butyl Rubber Gasket Tape, Ductwrap, Duct Sealant, Flat and Flexible Phenolic Strips, Flexible Ductwork, Flexible Ductwork Band Clips, Mez Flange System, Multiband Locks, Spiral Ductwork, Stiffener for Square Ducts, Turning Vane and Mounting Track.

Mechanical Trade

We support building services and plant rooms by delivering the pipe support and fixing solutions required for the simple and efficient installation of pipework as well as on going maintenance. Featured Mechanical Products: Intumescent Fire Collars and Sleeves, Intumescent Pipe Wrap, Mechanical Fixings, Munsen Rings, Phenolic and Hardwood Blocks, Pipe Clamps and Clips, Plumbing Consumables, Saddle Clamps, Sprinkler Clamps, Talon Hinged Clips and U Bolts.

Air Conditioning Trade

We stock a range of fixings and supports for the installation of Air Conditioning systems and units which provide stability and safeguards against vibration, allowing for optimum performance in heating and cooling. Featured Air Conditioning Products: Anti-vibration Hangers, Anti-vibration Mounts, Anti-Vibration Mounting Pad, Anti-vibration Mounting Strip, Cushion clamps, Fixed and Adjustable Height Frames, Plastic Hangers, Unit Mounting Blocks and Ultralite Equipment Pads.