• Podium Base Plate

  • Podium Base Plates ensure Podium Steps remain static when someone is on board. They can be fitted easily and replace the Podium Steps existing front castors. Once fitted the Podium Steps can still be manoeuvred using the rear castors but crucially not once someone is on board.

    The wheel castors of Podium Steps should of course be locked before use however there is the risk that the operator could forget or ignore this, so Podium Base Plates provide an additional element of safety.

    How to fit:

    Step 1: Use a spanner to undo the castor bolt of the first front vertical leg.

    Step 2: Remove the front castor.

    Step 3: Push on the Base Plate lining up the adapter spigot into vertical leg tube.

    Step 4: Push the Base Plate up until the shoulder of the spigot meets the bottom ring.

    Step 5: Repeat the process for the second front vertical leg.

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