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Clearly Display the Status of Scaffolding and Ladders

Scafftag is a tagging system, which has been adopted by thousands of leading ISO 9000 companies to help manage site equipment and improve safety procedures. Scafftag gives clear visibility of equipment’s status at the time of use and provides a handy inspection check list. As with all good ideas it’s a simple one.

  1. Securely attach a holder to equipment where information is most needed.
  2. Use the replaceable inserts to make information instantly visible, so it can be easily shared.


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You can then track the status, identity, usage, maintenance and safety of equipment, to give a clear data trail. This can provide valuable evidence if needed in a court of law.

Fixmart offers a range of Scafftag products, such as Kits, Holders and Inserts for both scaffolding and ladders. 

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