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Fast and Efficient Installation with Self Coupling Basket Tray

Our Self Coupling Basket Tray offers quick and convenient on site installation that can save time and help reduce man hour costs. As the tray is self coupling it doesn't require additional elements for assembly. 

Each straight length includes union joints, so to connect two tray lengths simply position the union joints for a tray length over the end of the next one and push down. 

Thats all there is to it.

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Self Coupling Basket Tray

Our Self Coupling Basket Tray is 65mm deep and is available in 3m lengths for the following widths:

600mm x 65mmOur code FMC 6560
100mm x 65mmOur code FMC 65100
150mm x 65mmOur code FMC 65150
200mm x 65mmOur code FMC 65200
300mm x 65mmOur code FMC 65300
400mm x 65mmOur code FMC 65400
500mm x 65mmOur code FMC 65500


With an excellent aesthetic finish the Basket Tray includes safety edges to prevent cable damage, plus its patented wavy wire design helps instil resistance to flexure. By using Asymmetric Cutting Pliers the tray can be easily shaped to meet your needs and will even accommodate complicated changes in direction.

A large range of Fast Fixing Accessories are also available for both our Self Coupling and Standard 35mm Basket Tray.

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