• Countersunk BZP Self Tapping Screws

  • Countersunk BZP Self Tapping Screws are designed to create their own mating thread when fitted saving time (with no holes to tap) and providing resistance to vibration due to the closeness of the thread engagement. They are type AB so include a lead point and are mainly used with thin sheet metal, aluminium or soft plastics. Available in sizes 6 x ½” up to 14 x 2” with a Bright Zinc Plated finish.

    These screws have a Pozi head which when used with the correct tooling will not cam out, allowing greater torque to be applied. A Pozi screw is easily distinguished from the classic Phillips cross-head by extra lines embossed at 45° to the slots providing four additional points of contact for the driver.

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Product Options

  • Product CodeSizeFinishPack Quantity
    4116034296 x ½BZP1000
    4116034306 x ¾BZP1000
    4116034266 x 1BZP1000
    4116034286 x 1¼BZP500
    4116034276 x 1½BZP500
    4116051598 x 3/8BZP1000
    4116034358 x ½BZP1000
    4116034378 x 5/8BZP1000
    4116034368 x ¾BZP1000
    4116034318 x 1BZP1000
    4116034348 x 1¼BZP500
    4116034338 x 1½BZP500
    4116034328 x 2BZP500
    41160515710 x 1¼BZP500
    41160342310 x 1½BZP500
    41160342210 x 2BZP250
    41160515812 x 2BZP250
    41160342514 x 1½BZP250
    41160342414 x 2BZP125

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