• Round Head BZP Woodscrews

  • Round Head Woodscrews are hardened steel screws with a twin thread with a Bright Zinc Plated finish. They are a general purpose screw suitable for multiple materials and various ironmongery, electrical and plumbing applications. Available in sizes 4 x 1/2" up to 12 x 2".

    These screws have a Pozi head which when used with the correct tooling will not cam out, allowing greater torque to be applied. A Pozi screw is easily distinguished from the classic Phillips cross-head by extra lines embossed at 45° to the slots providing four additional points of contact for the driver.

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Product Options

  • Product CodeSizeFinishPack Quantity
    4117052184 x ½"BZP200
    4117052194 x ¾"BZP200
    4117052204 x 5/8"BZP200
    4117052236 x ½"BZP200
    4117036146 x ¾"BZP200
    4117052268 x 5/8"BZP200
    4117036136 x 1"BZP200
    4117052226 x 1¼"BZP200
    4117052216 x 1½"BZP200
    4117052246 x 5/8"BZP200
    4117052258 x ½"BZP200
    4117036198 x ¾"BZP200
    4117036158 x 1"BZP200
    4117036188 x 1¼"BZP200
    4117036178 x 1½"BZP200
    4117036168 x 2"BZP200
    41170360810 x 1"BZP200
    41170521510 x 1¼"BZP200
    41170361110 x 1½"BZP200
    41170360910 x 2"BZP200
    41170521610 x 2½"BZP200
    41170361010 x 3"BZP100
    41170521712 x 1½"BZP200
    41170361212 x 2"BZP200

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